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Avycon Security Camera System Products

Cameras (IP & Analog)
2MP HD Over Coax Surveillance Kit - AVK-TE21E4-1T
Camera & NVR Kits

J&D Systems offers the full Avycon product catalog. If you are searching for any Avycon related camera, NVR, camera kit, accessory, or power supply, please give us a call or send us an email and one our associates will assist you. Many people are searching to understand where they can buy Avycon products, and J&D Systems is the number 1 solution. We have first hand experiences with Avycon’s products and understand the use case. If you are searching for a brand that is NDAA compliant, look no further. Avycon has NVR’s and Cameras that are NDAA Compliant for you security needs and peace of mind.

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Over the past two years, the workforce has seen the scope of jobs change. A variety were altered as many began to work from home. Others had their hours extended to meet an increased demand of services, while others had hours reduced. Regardless of circumstances, as more people are starting to leave their homes and enter public areas the question of safety arises. Is the current security system enough? Should the system be upgraded? Is there even a security system in place? What are the CCTV options available? To address the issue, Avycon Security Camera System is there to assist.  

Avycon is a local company that was established in Irvine in 2012. It offers a variety of security camera systems for any business needs. The cameras include a range of fixed or motorized options. Even the types of cameras vary. Such options include the dome, mini, and bullet cameras. There are also indoor or outdoor options that will provide clear video surveillance by adapting to the light. Storage capabilities are also available to meet the current needs of the company. Despite being local, Avycon can distribute products nationwide due to keeping items fully stocked.

Why use Avycon? It provides variety and quality security camera systems. Avycon has these items in stock for authorized retailers to install within your required time frame and to provide continued support and maintenance.  For example, suppose that a new LED light was installed on the lamp post outside your door. This new light is so bright that it distorts the camera recordings. With the 5MP Smart Defender Eyeball IP Camera, overexposure is not an issue. It has the Smart IR to allow for custom optimization. This fine tuning of the camera allows it to record in any lighting condition.

Now that we know why to use Avycon, it may lead you to wonder how to purchase this. These items cannot be purchased from any retailer. Unauthorized resellers cannot support the product after it is purchased. Unfortunately, if there are any maintenance issues or you need the support to fix that overexposure issue, you will not receive the assistance needed. The camera will just be for show.  Authorized Avycon distributors are required. Using an authorized distributor, such as J&D Systems, allows you to purchase with a guarantee of product maintenance. You will not be left on your own when your need product support or upgrades.

In this time of technological advancement, a company can use all assistance to keep security surveillance running at an optimum level. What more could be asked for, than to have an authorized distributor assisting you with the Avycon security camera system.