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Avycon AIVO-40T4KP 4.0″ HD-TVI Network Wristband Tester

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Avycon AIVO-40T4KP 4.0″ HD-TVI Network Wristband Tester

Product Overview:
Introducing the Avycon AIVO-40T4KP 4.0″ HD-TVI Network Wristband Tester, a state-of-the-art 4.0″ HD-TVI Network Wristband Tester. This compact wristband-style tester is designed for TVI and Analog compatibility. It supports impressive 4K resolution and is equipped with a built-in touch screen and Wi-Fi capability, making it a versatile and convenient tool. With its sleek wristband design, this tester offers ease of use and portability.

Main Features:
The Avycon AIVO-40T4KP 4.0″ HD-TVI Network Wristband Tester features a 4″ high-definition touch screen, delivering a clear and vibrant display with a resolution of 800 x 480. It supports a range of video codecs, including H.265 and H.264, enabling seamless playback of up to 4K videos via the IPC Mainstream.

For playback convenience, this tester supports 4K video files as well as MKV and MP4 formats. Users can easily review recorded footage and assess video quality using their preferred file types.

When it comes to testing different video formats, the Avycon AIVO-40T4KP  excels. It supports 8MP (4K) TVI test, allowing for resolutions of up to 3840 x 2160P at a frame rate of 15FPS. Additionally, it handles 5MP AHD test with resolutions of 2560 x 1944P at frame rates of 12.5FPS or 20FPS. For CVI testing, it supports resolutions of 2560 x 1440 at frame rates of 25FPS or 30FPS.

To streamline the testing process, the Avycon AIVO-40T4KP  offers a range of advanced features. It supports up to 4 channels of rapid ONVIF scanning, allowing for quick detection and configuration. The tester also features auto-login, live video viewing, and the creation of camera test reports, providing technicians with efficient tools for managing and documenting their test results.

Additional functionalities include ONVIF PTZ control, video recording and playback, screen snapshot capabilities, 4x digital zoom, and the ability to move the image display. The tester also offers video output capabilities. Moreover, the innovative Testerplay™ feature enables simultaneous display of the camera stream on the tester and on PC or mobile devices, enhancing collaboration and ease of use.

In terms of power options, the Avycon AIVO-40T4KP  supports 48V PoE and DC 12V output. It also includes voltage measurement capabilities, allowing technicians to monitor power levels conveniently.

General Information:
– Name: AVYCON AIVO-40T4KP 4.0″ HD-TVI
– Category: AVYCON, Data Comm & Networking, Test Equipment, Network Testers
– UPC Code: 665752907696
– Country of Origin: China (subject to change)

In summary, the AVYCON AIVO-40T4KP is a highly capable and versatile 4.0″ HD-TVI Network Wristband Tester. Its compact wristband design, high-definition touch screen, and 4K support make it an essential tool for professionals in the security and surveillance industry. With its advanced features, including ONVIF scanning, PTZ control, and simultaneous display capabilities, this tester provides a comprehensive testing and troubleshooting solution. Whether you’re on-site or working remotely, the AVYCON AIVO-40T4KP is the perfect companion for efficient and accurate camera testing.

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